What my clients have to say about me

Scarlett Allen-Horton

Senior Partner - Leadership Search | BBC Apprentice Finalist 2019 | Business Partner to Lord Sugar

"I highly recommend the services of TRUE INNOVATION. Our bespoke programme was an energising, well considered, professional extension of our business strategy planning. Riccardo executed the expertly designed programme with passion, innovative methodologies and challenged us to think outside the box, resulting in team growth and progression.

Riccardo asked questions we had not asked ourselves and pushed us to view ourselves in 'client shoes', the recorded pitches were a particular useful feature we really enjoyed and gained on the spot improvements and feedback, which were really valuable."

Dr. Richard "Jack" Lewis

Brain Scientist, TV Presenter, Best-Selling Author, Consultant

"Riccardo is a true leader and is tremendously passionate about innovation. He possesses that vitally important ingredient, which really makes the difference between genuinely inspiring others to excel versus just going through the motions: integrity.

He has big ideas and yet consistently matches what he says he will do with what he actually does. He is a genuine and pleasant guy to be around, whose input is as valuable over an informal pint as when making decisions that steer a company towards a prosperous future!"