Innovation for SMEs


I was invited to give a brief talk of 15min to members of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) South Eastern Region in Crawley and Gatwick. As pleased as I was to be asked, I was worried of how to add value to business leaders in just 15min?

I started out with a core statement of a 2015 report by PA Consulting, estimating that the UK is wasting around £64.7 billion a year in failed innovation! If only I had a red bus to plaster this on...

With the scene set, I went right back to basics, to discuss what innovation actually really is and how to optimise your organisation by applying the True Innovation Model.

Then I picked three factors to deep-dive and give tips of how to start being more innovative today: (1) Idea Generation, (2) Idea Conversion and (3) Networking.

It strikes me every single time home most people focus mainly on Idea Generation, as if that was the most difficult part. It is not! We are all creatives, have always been since we were able to hold our own heads up ourselves. Just letting ourselves think freely, get bored, force ourselves into our 'creation zone' and then, convert those ideas into somethign tangible is where the real problem lies.

If you are interested in receiving the presentation as a PDF or would like me to speak to you and your team, please just drop me a line with your contact details.