10 Types of Innovation


I received a very interesting link to an article about the '10 Types of Innovation' from Simon Leadbetter recently. Simon and I spoke a while ago when I interviewed him on his highly interesting and relevant views on Innovation.

Appreciating the research and the thought the consultants from Doblin must have put into creating such a comprehensive model, I missed the hands-on help that so many Innovation Leaders want and need to be truly innovative and take their organisations forward. While the model is very clear and makes a lot of sense, I personally would struggle to take this work, roll up my sleeves and just get started with making things better.

Nevertheless I was surprised how - after a slow start - the post took off and collected over 7,000 views within just a few days! I was even approached to write 150 word review about the article and may get published soon. One simple and powerful example for how one person by simply connecting the dots creates value - thank you very much, Simon!