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Simon Sinek is on a lot of panels and has a lot of videos published on LinkedIn and YouTube. Sometimes it feels like to much but I have just watched this snippet on "Can introverts be effective leaders?" and have to admit, this is just genius.

It has only been one issue since True Innovation was represented in CIM's quarterly magazine 'Catalyst' - and we have done it again! This time it was a full feature of 1,600 words, with a biography and a headshot photo of Riccardo, a mention by the editor in her opening letter and a beautiful graphical interpretation of the True Innovation Model....

I was invited to give a brief talk of 15min to members of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) South Eastern Region in Crawley and Gatwick. As pleased as I was to be asked, I was worried of how to add value to business leaders in just 15min?