The True Innovation Story

Giving you the 3 'T's you need to innovate - time, tools and thinking space.

In today's business and corporate environment, most of our time is taken up with 'doing'; delivering spreadsheets, sharing presentations, running from one meeting to the next. I have been there and got the t-shirt.

When Covid-19 hit, I suddenly found myself outside the corporate hamster wheel. I did the home schooling of our three kids while my wife was still able to work. I had much more time for 'thinking,' rather than having to spend it on the 'doing'. I reflected on my own "ikigai" - my professional reason to get out of bed every morning. Believe it or not: my ikigai had very little to do with macro-speckled spreadsheets or full-day meetings.

The times I enjoyed the most and was at my best in my job was when I succeeded in innovating a product, a process, a way of working. These were where I added real value - through True Innovation in a trusting and honest partnership.

Funnily enough, this is also what I am most remembered for speaking to former colleagues. My Future Thinking© programmes, the way I streamlined the product development process and how we increased employee happiness and retention.

Innovation is all about people being in the right frame of mind and having the right context in which to be creative. As opposed to common perception, I believe EVERYBODY can be creative and innovative! I have seen shop-floor workers coming up with tremendously savvy ideas and lawyers leading manufacturing improvement programmes. Together with the team I was able to decrease the time-to-market by over 8% (this was in fact several weeks up to two months in one case!) and reduce the pure development time by an average of 17%. I was also able to increase employee retention, employee engagement and the strengths of our colleagues' networks within and outside the organisation.

I developed the 'True Innovation Model©' enabling you and your organisation to create true and sustainable innovation from within with the resources you already have.

Please have a look at the 'True Innovation Model© ' and take the 'Innovation Scorecard' to assess your organisation's innovation capabilities against my model for FREE.

I look forward to speaking with you about your results and discussing how we can move you and your organisation forward - delivering real and measurable value without breaking the bank.

Thank you,



Read what my supervisors have to say about me

Stefan Schrahe

HR Director, GKN Land Systems

"Riccardo brings a strong suit of wide-ranging skills with him, from deep technical and analytical understanding to commercial and marketing know-how. With his drive to excel and continuously improving himself and his work, he impressed leaders and peers across divisional and geographical boundaries, as his balanced and open approach makes him a modern business leader; Riccardo is a true asset to any organisation."

Scarlett Allen-Horton

Senior Partner - Leadership Search | BBC Apprentice Finalist 2019 | Business Partner to Lord Sugar

"I highly recommend the services of TRUE INNOVATION. Our bespoke programme was an energising, well considered, professional extension of our business strategy planning. Riccardo executed the expertly designed programme with passion, innovative methodologies and challenged us to think outside the box, resulting in team growth and progression.

Riccardo asked questions we had not asked ourselves and pushed us to view ourselves in 'client shoes', the recorded pitches were a particular useful feature we really enjoyed and gained on the spot improvements and feedback, which were really valuable."