I have posted about Archimedes, August Kekulé and Thomas Edison before and their ways of 'forcing' their minds to come up with creative solutions to existing problems - ideas! What did these examples all have in common? They all had their best ideas not when they were trying really hard but when their mind was relaxed and the concious and subconcious are at touching point - day-dreaming on a bus, in the state of Hypnagogia or relaxing in a hot bath.

Just make sure you somehow manage to capture your great ideas you will surely have! Here three simple things anybody can do to never let those creative thoughts slip out of our minds and hands again:

(1) Take a break from 'doing' and have a fixed time weekly for 'thinking'.

(2) Get outside your box, mingle (virtually nowadays) with people who are not like you and who may challenge you.

(3) Listen more than you speak (2 ears, 1 mouth rule).