Happy first client!


It has been such a priviledge to deliver a two-day workshop for Scarlett and her team at Harper:Fox! We put a lot of preparation into this workshop to make sure we use the time the team had committed would have a significant impact on their way forward.

I am glad to say it worked out really well. Apart from the two days being a lot of fun and going by in a flash, we had serious discussions about the purpose, the vision and the mission of Harper:Fox.

I was surprised with how much professionalism and energy Scarett and her team work on finding the perfect candidate for the right role and how passionate they all are about making concious decisions on how diversity affects their searches. And therein lies the TRUE INNOVATION aspect of their work: They genuinely believe in creating better working environments and more effective teams by instilling real diversity into their proposals. The results speak for themselves. I am intrigued to see where they are going next and hope to be part of that amazing journey.