"10 Types of Innovation" Review Published


Yay! I have been published in the Chartered Institute of Marketing's (CIM) magazine 'Catalyst', reviewing the model I shared with you a while ago (click on the image and find me on page 67).

I found the model by Visual Capitalist very interesting, relatively easy to understand but possibly a lot harder to fill with life and turn into a tangible innovation plan for an organisation.

Also, the model is mostly product innovation focused and therefore excludes a lot of other areas for businesses to seize on innovation opportunities.

The more I read, discuss and learn, the more I am encouraged that I am on the right track. There is a lot out there about 'innovation' but - in my eyes - a lot is quite academic and does not help the people who actually need to keep the innovation engine going! My mission is to help these guys, hands-on with real-life advise, coaching and experience. There is for sure a need out there, now possibly more than ever before...